Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New candles!

We've been making again!

We have been busy making again, this time, bright wax with a variety of different scents.

All of our containers are up-cycled from charity shops as usual.

 Our largest container - a lovely silver coloured magnolia scented candle. Burn time 35+ hours!

 Autumn Red with fruit blast scent 30+ hours burn time.
 Heavenly scented in a lively orange colour.
 Three different sizes.
 These blue candles have the fresh and fruity 'Be Delicious' Scent by DKNY - one of Clare's favourites!
 Another favourite is the Stargazer Lily pink candle!
 A smaller Stargazer Lily candle approx burn time 5-10 hours.
Sara's favourites - our fruity trio, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or where ever you fancy, each is scented appropriately to their container - we have from left to right:
very berry, lemon and green apple!

Yesterday we made 32 new candles - so watch this space as I photograph and upload them! :D

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