Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New candles!

We've been making again!

We have been busy making again, this time, bright wax with a variety of different scents.

All of our containers are up-cycled from charity shops as usual.

 Our largest container - a lovely silver coloured magnolia scented candle. Burn time 35+ hours!

 Autumn Red with fruit blast scent 30+ hours burn time.
 Heavenly scented in a lively orange colour.
 Three different sizes.
 These blue candles have the fresh and fruity 'Be Delicious' Scent by DKNY - one of Clare's favourites!
 Another favourite is the Stargazer Lily pink candle!
 A smaller Stargazer Lily candle approx burn time 5-10 hours.
Sara's favourites - our fruity trio, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or where ever you fancy, each is scented appropriately to their container - we have from left to right:
very berry, lemon and green apple!

Yesterday we made 32 new candles - so watch this space as I photograph and upload them! :D

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Busy making!

We have been busy today! New colours and fragrances, a new plans for craft fairs!

Take a look at some of the bespoke candles made today!

Sugar bowl candle, in a beautiful porcelain bowl, with light blue rose details. 
Candle is lavender scented, with pale purple/blue (we like to call it lavender coloured!) wax. Approx. 15-20hrs burning time.

 Freesia scented pale blue teacup candle
a new favourite of ours!

'Butterfly meadows' scented teacup candle - a lovely fresh spring smell, perfect to relax after a good spring clean in the home. Pale teal coloured wax

White teacup candle with lavender scent and a lavender coloured wax.

More coming soon! :)

Clare and Sara x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New handmade teacup candles

Bespoke by Clare is an exciting new range of candles and gifts are all handmade.

All our candles are created from recycled containers, found in charity shops and boot fairs, they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents and colours, each inspired by the container itself - breathing new life into pre-loved objects - who said you cannot teach old dogs new tricks?!

Watch this space as we upload our new and innovative candles!

Clare and Sara x